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Copacabana, Bolivia

The bus ride to the Bolivian border was very deserted-looking and eventually you could see a glimpse of Lake Titicaca and then it was another walkover-type border-crossing. Unfortunately, immigration was more difficult than expected, I had to have everything printed out which I didn’t and didn’t realize I had to have another photocopy of my face (other than the copy of my passport photo); so I had to pay extra for printing and the photocopy. And then their card services machine wasn’t working so I had to get cash out of a personal machine this guy had and there wasn’t an ATM so I had to pay an extra $10 to get the cash totaling $170 for the visa. They covered a whole page of my passport and it’s valid for 10 years. Since it took so long to process, I had to take a taxi with one of the Peru Hop guides to Copacabana, which was only like 10 minutes away. We talked about presidents and he told me about the Peruvian president that was recently elected and doing well but didn’t even really. want to be president. The Bolivian president however, is not so good which makes sense given the country’s horrid economy and violence.

Copacabana was this cute colorful town, similar to Puno but more elegant looking with many boats at the shore and surrounding hillside buildings. I put my backpack in the bus and took a stroll to the restaurant I had looked up on Culture Trip which was somewhat difficult to find because it was perked up really high on the hill outside of all the touristy shops. I was amazed to find this stunning remote hotel/restaurant with the most beautiful view of the lake and town. I sat outside in the sun and ordered stuffed trout which was the best trout I’ve ever had - it was delicious!!! I'll never forget that taste. The funny thing is that I ordered trout in Puno the night before and got Salmon instead, just by crossing the lake can make such a difference. I had the best lunch at this French-owned restaurant and was very pleased but also started feeling a bit buzzed after just 2 beers, I guess because of the elevation haha. I then went to the hammocks below with a view of the lake as I enjoyed the sun and took a short nap. Then I walked up to the town’s church which was surrounded by colorful tents right outside the white church walls with locals selling religious decor. The inside was filled with this 18th-century gold and it was so beautiful! Then I went to one of the touristy restaurants and ordered a chocolate coffee cream drink that was super delicious and a pizza to go, sat out on the beach/coast and watched the sunset while waiting for the bus. The bus left a little late but the sunset was gorgeous. Thankfully I had a whole section to myself again and then after an hour, had to get off the bus to cross a patch of water (the bus went on some type of ferry as we all took small speed boats) - mind you this is all in the dark which was not expected (I didn't know we would have to cross a body of water like that late at night) but obviously the only way and was with a big group of people so it was fine. We finally arrived in La Paz around 10pm (Bolivia is an hour ahead of Peru). I could definitely tell I was in a different country, the country of Bolivia, as we approached the run-down trashy streets outside of La Paz.

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