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About Audrey



My motto:

No matter what you do,

put your heart & soul into it

& trust the process.

   Namaste, my name is Audrey Abshire, and I’m daring to live my true self.  What does that mean?  Basically, it means I’m breaking away from all the stories I’d learned to tell myself, all the expectations I’d assumed applied to me, and I’m focusing instead on listening to my inner soul.  Remaining open-minded about what the universe presents to me, means I can live an authentic life to my highest potential.  This all started when I found myself in a fairly dark place a couple of years ago.  The climb and discovery out of that trauma has left me empowered about my present and future self, that I’m sharing my journey with you and anyone who this might help.

   I became a fast moving, solo traveler at the age of 29, on a mission to rewire the monkey mind, transform the spirit within, and find the source of the soul through the practice of yoga and travel.  I created this website to share my experiences along the way, to provide a living example that the "unknown" is more about possibilities than fear, that dreams really do come true, and that it’s essential to break free from some of society’s expectations in order to trust the power of the universe.  My goal is to help myself and others continue to realize, believe in, trust, and act upon our true self, our true spirit, and the universal soul, in order to achieve dreams and continue along a path to all-embracing love.

   As you learn more about me, you might be inclined to identify me as a typical American middle-class, privileged, military brat.  Go right ahead, if you like, but if you're ready to get out of that monkey mind, allow me to introduce myself as more of a soul-searcher following and trusting the universal soul, lifting the spirit through new experiences and the yogic practice.  I know how it feels to think you know who you are and what you want, with nothing seeming to fill your heart with happiness as much as feeling like you have control.  Trust me, I used to love having “control” of my life (or at least I thought I did) as I’m naturally a planner and an achiever (my family would call me “The General”)….but then I lost my sense of  “control” when the universe turned my little world upside down.  I was forced to dig deep, to seek out and find the soul and trust in the power of the root, mother nature.  I found that the process of letting go and concentrating within the mind and heart inspired me with a new sense of being (closer to my soul) and an ability to tackle the world from a higher perspective. 

To give some background...

I grew up in an American military family and was used to moving around and adjusting to different cultures—Italy, California, Washington D.C., and Colorado.  Those experiences helped me achieve dual bachelor degrees at the College of Charleston, and by the age of 28, I thought I had it all, until I found myself burned-out, close-minded, broken-hearted, lost, and craving something more – your typical rat race. After removing myself from everything I was used to, with a broken heart and no job, I started to actually feel and believe in my soul that I could trust the power of the universe, the universal source.  And that allowed me this freedom and continues to surprise me each and every day; surrounding and digging deep into the root of source.  Thereafter, tapping into a vulnerable state of being, I was able to follow my heart and change the mindset I was so wrapped up believing in to follow my dreams with the universal soul guiding me.  

   So, why does that matter to you? Well, whatever you think matters to you now, may not matter to you in 6 months, a year, 3 years, or even a week from now...everything is temporary, it’s all evolving.  There is great energy that comes from a higher source that allows us to connect with other energies, to improve all universal connections with an open mindset, the good in every human.  My point is that all of us are connected to this universal source, whether or not we see or feel that, and by committing ourselves to a never-ending path of self-discovery and healing, we gain access to true freedom and love in the universe, one feather at a time.


   Once I escaped the cage, I was able to fly into my dreams (yes, cliché, I know) and conquer my fears by following my heart. I received my yoga teacher certification and, 3 weeks later, started teaching yoga in the jungle, on the beach, in a country new to me that I fell in love with – a dream come true.  Since I had zero commitments and had saved up money, I decided to backpack to places I've always wanted to travel to, so I created an itinerary and went for it (without a plan) – exploring 3 continents and 17 countries within 6 months, having set a goal to be home by Christmas (another dream come true).  During this time, many other dreams I didn't even know existed started to develop and come true.  All I needed was time, energy, and money (those 3 elements I've founded are the keys to success when it comes to fulfilling your dreams).

   Fast forward to 2024, after being uprooted all of my life, trying so hard to find a hOMe for my self, rooting down deep into my soul – I'm on a mission to assist those who feel they also need to root down deep in order to feel at hOMe, wherever they are in the world. So I'm now hosting retreats in two places I've been rooted to, in order to feel that connection to source. The first is in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, my second hOMe – a place I love, where I discovered my truth, and have now lived for several years. The second is in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, where I've been to visit as a kid, but have never lived, and where I am now residing in the USA since 2021. With the vulnerable place I had found myself in, the courageous person I've always been, and, with a determined personality, I was able to grasp what it’s like to live a full happy life, rooting down deep, because I was following my heart, the universal soul.  If I hadn’t stopped to listen to the source, I shudder to think where I would be now.  Yes, life is short and scary, so what are you going to do about it?  Will you hide behind the monkey mind, or will you tap into your dreams?  It's your choice, as it was mine.  You too, can follow your heart, not society's norms, I cannot stress this enough: the universe will support you more than your monkey mind ever will.  My blog and my journey are proof of this and I am excited to see where the source takes me next.  Follow along…if you dare...or join me at my next Rooted Retreat!

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