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Breaking Free Into Audventurism

Updated: Apr 25

I’m determined to concentrate on what matters: the true self. My motive here is rewiring a monkey mind & broken heart through the practice of yoga and travel, guided by the universal soul, determining the true self. Most people go through life chasing one “opportunity” after another, without realizing why, for what purpose, and not really being sure what they want in life. Can you relate? This realization or awakening happened to me at the age of 28 and I’m not allowing it anymore. When I adapted into Audventurism, I started realizing what I want in life and I’m grateful that I still have the time to make a change, and encourage others to follow along. In order to be intentional with how you live your life, you must have a clear understanding of your purpose, and then set goals and priorities that are aligned with your purpose. Moreover, you must have a clear vision of your goals to reach your dreams by writing them down, saying them out loud, and outlining the path with action items to reach those goals. Once you start realizing and manifesting your reality, you will find your purpose in life.

Wherever you are, or however society defines you, with stereotypes and social norms, you have the ability to create your own reality. I like to say that I’m “breaking free from the American dream into my own reality.” I don’t want to be “normal,” or reach the age of retirement and regret every “opportunity” I followed, instead of creating my own. Are you fearful now with what’s to come, or are you fearful for when in the future, you regret what wasn’t? If you want to create new experiences or more adventure in your life, to live and feel more from the heart, and be more present, Audventuring with Audventurism will lead the way. It all starts with the process of slowing down the mind through the practice of yoga (meditation & pranayama) and challenging yourself out of your comfort zone by means of new experiences, or fast-paced solo-traveling. Essentially, in order to focus on the soul, it takes both concentration and the willingness to let go, mind and heart, so you can then gain access to a new sense of being: the true self.

I like the way this article compares mind, heart, and soul:

  • “Mind is the activity of the thinking self using logic and/or reason to arrive at insights and conclusions about people, events, belief systems and life. Mind takes the so-called ‘objective’ data of beings to order and organize them. I argue that it is ‘so called’ objective data because objectivity assumes an accurate 1:1 correspondence between the data and the thing, but only the thing itself contains such 1:1 correspondence, and over time most (if not all) things change, and so our data is always an approximation that includes some aspects of the thing that it claims to represent and omits other aspects of the thing.

  • Heart is the activity of the feeling self using intuition, emotional touch or grasp and subjective reaction to arrive at insights and conclusions about people, events, belief systems and life. Heart takes the ‘subjective’ data regarding beings in order to make sense of them. In our data driven age we usually assume that subjective knowledge is inferior to what we call ‘objective’ knowledge, but in actuality all knowing is subjective (it has to make sense to ‘me’), and frequently, but not always, how we ‘feel’ about something is a better guide to the thing that we seek to comprehend than what we can tell about it from objective data.

  • Soul is the intertwining of the mind and the heart. Soul is the complex of all our knowing and believing. Soul is the complete activity of the inner person. Soul is the representation of who we are on the inside, the summation of our thoughts and feelings.”

After all of my experiences that have led me to this blog post, I now know that the boundaries to live by are all about your relationship with yourself and your values. Boundaries and priorities maintain your emotional well-being and personal integrity, which is why balancing them (with the mind, heart, and soul) is so important. You have the ability to act upon your present situation, no matter what that entails - all you need is to recognize the senses, realize what you want and then act upon it and make the change. I always have to remind myself that my past doesn’t dictate my future. It all starts with the heart, rewiring the monkey mind, using mindfulness cognitive behavior to then defuse the rhetoric by manifesting/saying out loud positive thoughts, to then act and make the change. Here’s a good analogy: the environment you’re in is your gym, and the emotions you’re in are your weights...if you continue to lift up your true self, the muscle you gain will remain everlasting, and with the confidence, you will determine what matters to the soul. No matter what you “do” in life, don’t rush the process, put your heart and soul into it and trust it instead.

I’ve always struggled with moving too quickly, not being able to let go and relax, because I’m a hard worker - that’s just what I’ve developed as a personality. Once I found the practice of yoga, I was able to slow down, relax (in the present moment) and trust the universe (instead of my mind)...which then led me to accomplish my goals and dreams. I’m excited to share the knowledge I’ve gained from this awakening and experiences that has led me to an adventure of a lifetime, and towards my destiny with Audventurism. Are you ready for the adventure? Follow along the journey in my next post.

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